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The Microbiome and Viruses

February 21, 2020


  • Microbiota Role in Metabolism and Immunity (Environmental plasticity of intestinal-resident T cells)
  • Microbiota and Colon Cancer (Deciphering a gut microbial genotoxin’s contribution to colorectal cancer using chemistry)
  • Oncogenic Viruses (BK polyomavirus is a cause of bladder cancer, Role of human papillomaviruses in carcinogenesis, Prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma through preventative hepatitis C vaccination, Oncogenic herpesviruses)
  • Tumor-Associated Microbiota (Fusobacterium persistence and antibiotic response in colorectal cancer, Regulation of pancreatic oncogenesis by pathogens)
  • Microbiota and Gastrointestinal Cancers (Fungal infection, inflammation, and carcinogenesis)
  • Microbiota in Cancer Prevention and Therapy (Gut microbiota control systemic T cell polarization and promote cancer, Linking the gut microbiome to cancer treatment response)


Hyatt Regency Orlando
Orlando, Florida 32819, United States
Orlando, FL 32819 United States