Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us


Discounts and Effective Date:

(a) Continuity Discount Program: Advertise your product in all 12 issues in 2019 and receive a 10% discount off each insertion as placed. Advertise your product in 9 issues in 2019 and receive a 5% discount off each insertion as placed.
(b) Agency Commission: 15%. Payment must be received within 30 days of invoice date or agency commission will not be allowed. Publisher shall have the right to hold the advertiser and its agency jointly and severally liable for monies that are due and payable to the Publisher for advertising ordered by either the advertiser or its agency and published.
(c) Effective Rate Date: All months 2019. All contract advertisers will be protected under these rates for the calendar year 2019.

Earned Rates:

Earned rates are based on advertising frequency within a 12 month period. All units, regardless of size, are counted in determining frequency discounts. Space purchased by parent or subsidiary companies is combined for accounting of earned rates.

Print Rates:

48 Times
36 Times
24 Times
12 Times
6 Times
1 Time


2/3 Page

1/2 Page

1/3 Page

Color: In addition to earned black & white rates:

(a) Standard Color: $900 per page or fraction in addition to earned black & white rate.
(b) Matched Color: $995 per page or fraction in addition to earned black & white rate.
(c) Four-Color Process: $1,900 per page or fraction in addition to earned black & white rate.
(d) Commission Data: Color charges are commissionable.

Bleed: No charge.
Covers (available by contract):

(a) Second Cover: Earned rate and color charges plus 35% of earned rate.
(b) Fourth Cover: Earned rate and color charges plus 50% of earned rate.

We reserve the right to polybag outserts and supplements with the journal.

Preferred Positions (available by contract):

(a) Page Opposite Table of Contents: Plus10% of earned rate.
(b) Page Opposite Editorial Board: Plus 10% of earned rate.
(c) Page Opposite First Editorial: Plus 10% of earned rate.


(a) Contracts are accepted with the understanding that rates will be guaranteed for four months beyond last issue closed prior to announcement date. Contracts can then be terminated without short rate if rates are increased.
(b) Cancellation Requirements: Not accepted after closing date; covers and special positions on 90 days’ written notice.



All inserts charged page for page at earned black & white rate.

Insert Requirements:

Inserts to be supplied untrimmed, folded, printed and ready for binding.
Single leaf insert: 8 1⁄8″ × 11″
4-page insert: 8 1⁄8″ × 11″
Trim size: 7 7⁄8″ × 10 3⁄4″
Keep live matter at least 3⁄8″ from top, bottom and sides.

Maximum stock specifications:

One leaf (two-page) inserts – 80 lb. maximum, bulking factor no greater than .004″ for coated or uncoated stock. Multiple leaf inserts – 70 lb. maximum, bulking factor no greater than .004″ per leaf for coated or uncoated stock.

Quantity Required:

All months are 22,000 except conference issues (April, September and November), which are 24,000 for April, September and November.
Due Date: 26th of month preceding month of issue.

Shipping Instructions:

Carton packing preferred. Mark with count, date of issue and name of publication.
Ship to: Quad Graphics
Attn: Practical Gastroenterology/PRA035
N61 W23044 Harry’s Way
Sussex, WI 53089-3995
Phone: Michael Murphy / 989-698-5519


First Issue: January 2019 through December 2019
Frequency: Monthly.
Issuance Date: Last Day of Month of Issue.


(a) Mailing: Second class.
(b) Mailing Cover: Without wrapper.

Closing Dates:

Reservations: 10th of preceding month of issue date.
Materials: 26th of preceding month of issue date.

Bonus Distribution of Conference Issues:

April: Digestive Disease Week
September: American College of Gastroenterology
November: Advances in IBD


General Editorial Direction:

(a) Statement of Editorial Direction: PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY is an independent professional clinical journal focusing on the diagnosis, therapy and management of digestive diseases. Filled with topical articles,PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY is a reader-friendly journal that publishes open-ended series on GI concerns encountered in daily practice.PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY also commissions original articles by physicians in medically related disciplines.

(b) Special Editorial Departments: New Product Showcase, Medical Bulletin Board, Meetings Calendar, From the Pediatric Literature, Book Reviews, Case Reports, Fellows’ Corner and Unusual Causes of Abdominal Pain.

(c) Series in Progress: The Microbiome and Disease, Frontiers in Endoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Nutrition, Colorectal Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Gastrointestinal Motility and Functional Bowel Disorders, Liver Disorders, Diseases of the Biliary Tract, Celiac Disease, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal Cancers, Hepatitis C, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diseases of the Pancreas and Originial Research.


Description of Circulation Parameters:

(a) Office-based: Gastroenterologists, Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Colon & Rectal Surgeons, Abdominal Surgeons, Hepatologists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

(b) Hospital-based: Gastroenterologists, Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Gastroenterology Residents, Colon & Rectal Surgeons, Abdominal Surgeons, Hepatologists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Subscription Data:

Distributed free to certain qualified physicians and surgeons in the United States. Others: $145.00 per year domestic. 10% Agency discount.

Circulation Verification:

(a) Audit: BPA.
(b) Mailing House: Medical Marketing Service, Inc.

Coverage and Market:

(a) Coverage: National.
(b) Market Served: Medical and osteopathic physicians, surgeons in the United States.


Gastroenterologists 15,511
Colon & Rectal Surgeons 1,930
Pediatric Gastroenterologists 1,572
GI Physician Assistants 684
Hepatologists 140
GI Nurse Practitioners 117
Abdominal Surgeons 71
TOTAL 20,025


(a) Requirements for Acceptance of Advertising:

Advertisements must be acceptable to the Editor and the Publisher.

(b) Requirements for Ad Clearance: 

Publisher reserves the right to review advertising copy to determine if it is in harmony with our policy of service to the medical profession under which the journal is published. Advertising copy should be received one week prior to closing date.

New Product Releases: 

Yes, with 4-color photos.

Policy on Placement of Advertising:

Advertising is fully interspersed on a rotating basis throughout the journal and is always placed next to editorial material.

Advertising/Editorial Ratio:

Editorial content will average about 55%.

Services to Advertisers:

  • Digital Practical Gastroenterology: Download our App for web-based devices free on iTunes, Apple, Amazon and Google Play.
  • Web Site Banner Advertising: $2,250/month. Free link.
  • Editorial Reprints: $4.95 each or less for bulk orders.
  • Business Reply Cards: Same rate as 2-page insert.
  • Polybagged Supplements, Monographs, Newsletters, Detailing Aids: $4.95 each or less for bulk orders. 20,000 unit minimum.
  • FREE Booth Surveys: At Digestive Disease Week, American College of Gastroenterology and Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
  • Outserts: Polybagged. Available monthly.
  • Cover Tips: Up to 7 1⁄2″ wide × 7″ high. 100 lb. stock. Quantity: all months are 22,000 except conference issues in April, September and November, which are 24,000. $27,000 gross.


Page Sizes:

Trim size of page is 7 7⁄8″ by 10 3⁄4″. Allow 1⁄8″ over trim for any position of ad that is to bleed. Copy that is not to bleed should be kept at least 3⁄8″ from trimmed edge.

Page Stock:

(a) Inside Pages: 60 lb. coated web offset.
(b) Covers: 100 lb. coated offset.
(c) Cover Tip: 100 lb. stock.

Type of Binding: 

Perfect bound.

Halftone Screen:

133 line recommended. 150 line maximum for 2/C and 4/C.

Reproduction Requirements:

Practical Gastroenterology is printed web offset. All AAA/MPA/ABP offset standards apply.
(a) Preferred Material: For complete digital file specs, please contact Michael Murphy at Quad Graphics, phone: 989-698-5519
(b) B/W-2/C Density: Maximum, 160%; 2nd color not to exceed 85%.
(c) 4/C Density: Maximum, 260%; Yellow, 85%; Magenta, 85%; Cyan, 85%; Black, 85%.
(d) Number of Proofs: Must meet SWOP standards.
(e) Proofing: B/W head/foot; cover side/side.
( f ) Rotation of Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.

Disposition of Reproduction Material:

Reproduction material will be held one year from date of last insertion and then destroyed unless we are specifically instructed to do otherwise.