Young Adult Population-Hepatitis Viruses Main Target

Concerned about the alarming increase in hepatitis infections among the country’s vulnerable young adult population, LHI has teamed up with John Parkinson, Assistant Managing Editor at Contagion Live to arm teens and their caregivers with information needed to understand why and how to protect their life supporting liver that is under attack by hepatitis A, B, and C. Attached is a link to a brief article called Talking to Teens About Hepatitis that explains a few of the basics about the viruses and how they invade our bodies and make their way to our amazing liver. Once there they attack its millions of microscopic miracle-performing liver cells that convert the food we ingest into hundreds of life creating and sustaining body parts and functions 24/7, turning them into scar tissue called cirrhosis. 

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 Two teens share their “take” on the information provided in a video called Give Your Liver a Break, encouraging their peers to avoid the tragic consequences of “ignorance” about the liver and how sneaky invisible hepatitis viruses can invade their bodies and cause havoc to their internal life supporting chemical refinery, their amazing miracle working liver. View the award winning video on LHI’s website at

Six teens involved in a community Substance Abuse Prevention program reaching out to their peers calling attention to the hazards of misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol attended a brief zoom meeting to learn about their body’s mysterious life creating liver cells (quazi computer chips) that they take for granted every day. Obviously, they were surprised to learn about the hundreds of amazing life creating and sustaining tasks their amazing microscopic liver cells perform 24/7. To empower them to share what they learned, we share personalized, understandable, relatable and even entertaining descriptions of some of the liver’s daily miracles that keep our bodies functioning non stop. The key to their success is sharing what they have learned. 

Learn more about the successes we have had providing 20–30 minute zoom training sessions for various age groups from teens to seniors, empowering them to protect themselves and to share information learned with others. Understanding how to protect the liver SAVES LIVES. 

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