Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians

Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians

Praveen S. Goday and Cassandra Walia, eds.

ISBN-10: 0367705044

Pages: 464

Hardback: $220.00 Paperback: $99.95 eBook: $89.95 CRC Press

While registered dietitians (RD/RDN) have plenty of resources, we are often short on the “whys”. Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians delivers not only a comprehensive look into pediatric nutrition but also answers the “whys” from a multidisciplinary approach in a straightforward and concise format.

Goday and Walia (2022) gathered some of the top physicians and RD/RDN experts in the field to provide everyday fundamentals of pediatric nutrition. The opening chapters offer a foundation including nutrition and growth assessments, specific nutrition-focused physical exam findings, and the Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, and Monitoring/Evaluation (ADIME) format from infancy to adolescence. Subsequent chapters give an in-depth review of the nutritional management for disease-specific sub specialities as well as evidence-based recommendations. An ADIME summary table concludes each of the disease specific chapters to provide a guide for providing proficient patient care. Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians is a well organized and comprehensive book. It will equip dieticians, regardless of years of practice, setting, or situation with the guidance, support, tools, and references that are needed to deliver expert nutritional care. It is filled with common sense and real-life knowledge. It also includes graphics and tables that provide quick access to the information at your fingertips. Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians can be used as a foundational tool for all nutrition staff and is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats.

Pediatric Nutrition for Dietitians is a must have book.

Mimi Girten, RD, LDN, FAND

Clinical Nutrition Program,

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Pohl, M.D., Book Editor, is on the Editorial Board of Practical Gastroenterology

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