Risk Factors for Delta Hepatitis in a North American Cohort with Indications for Screening

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A study of American patients with hepatitis B (HBV) referred to the NIH was performed to identify risk factors associated with HDV infection. Active HDV was “confirmed” by serum HDV-DNA or histologic HDV antigen staining.

A total of 652 patients were studied, of which 91 were HDV “confirmed.” Independent risk factors for HDV included: intravenous drug users, HDV-DNA less than 2000 i.u./mL, ALT greater than 40 units per liter and HDV endemic country of origin.

The discussion indicated that North American patients with HBV and significant risk factors should be screened for HDV.

Da, B., Rahmen, F., Lai, W., et al. “Risk Factors for Delta Hepatitis in a North American Cohort: Who Should Be Screened?” American Journal of Gastroenterology; Vol. 116, January 2021, pp. 206-209.

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