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Academic Request for Proposals

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation has released a request for proposals (RFP) for academic researchers to gain access to IBD patients’ biosamples and/or research-ready datasets housed within IBD Plexus®.

IBD Plexus was founded by the Foundation to advance science, accelerate progress toward precision medicine, and improve the care of patients living with IBD. This first-of-its kind, national-scale, cloud-based platform integrates clinical, patient reported, genetic, and other molecular data from diverse research study cohorts, real-world clinical care settings, and patients’ experiences. IBD Plexus provides academic and industry researchers with access to research-ready datasets and biosamples to more rapidly perform activities that promise to speed treatment development, optimize existing therapies through development of biomarkers and diagnostics, and improve health outcomes.

IBD Plexus unites clinicians, scientists, educators, industry partners, and patients to answer questions that are critically important to advance the field of IBD research. The Foundation seeks research proposals that would utilize IBD Plexus biosamples and/or data to facilitate efforts in four main areas: identification and/or validation of diagnostics/biomarkers, therapeutic development and optimization, disease management, and disease prevention.

This is a rolling solicitation. The Foundation will continue to accept responses to the RFP until all awards are distributed.

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